Everyday with “Chair”

The chair is inspired by the moods of Japanese living. It is designed to be in round shape with no angles,  carrying a soft and modern atmosphere.

In order to give a sense of lightness and strength of the chair at the same time, the dimensions are determined after numerous trial productions. The backrest is also made with traditional Japanese wood joinery along with OMUSUBI High Stool and OMUSUBI stool.

Made Particularly of Hokkaido Wood

OMUSUBI Chair is made of prized Quercus crispula from Hokkaido, and the wood has dried slowly in the factory which required a high amount of time and work. Each chair is made delicately with craftsmanship in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

It’s a chair that combines nordic modern design with the delicate Japanese craftsmanship tradition. Out of prized wood grown for ages, a piece of long sustaining furniture is made.

For More Glamor Over Time as You Live with Your Furniture

We have oil-finished our furniture by applying natural coating with golden flaxseed oil to ensure the wood breathe and long-term usage. There’s no coating film in oil-finished, so it will not be peeled off and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Solid wood is a natural material that gains more defined characteristic over time. Please enjoy this piece of furniture in the years to come.

DIMENSIONS: W39 cm×D45.4 cm×H76.5 cm, Seat Height 44 cm, 4.2 Kg

SURFACE: Natural wood

MATERIAL: Quercus crispula solid wood from Hokkaido with natural oil-finished.