IFFT インテリア ライフスタイル リビング展 2019

We exhibited at Interior Lifestyle Living Exhibition in December 2019.

This year, we exhibited not only newly-designed furniture of “RENOW” but also a special series of objects for the Japan exhibition IFFT / Interior Lifestyle Living 2019..

Knott., Inc. published newly-designed furniture at the exhibition “CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN” which was held in Taipei in May 2019.The focus at the exhibition was the introduction of chairs, stools, tables

在日本「IFFT /Interior Lifestyle Living Tokyo 2019」中發表了「RENOW 2019」。這次,RENOW的新家具在國內的首次展示中,以椅子、椅凳、桌子和櫥櫃……等家具為中心進行展示。

2019年5月在台北舉辦的「CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN」中,由我們「Knott」所開發的家具品牌「RENOW」發表了新家具作品,這次我們將在此進行展示。