Cutting Board

Two types of “Cutting Board” that are made of Mizunara Oak from Hokkaido is launched already.

The project began with a thought that we want everyone to use an authentic wood object in his/her life.

We aim to combine two different functions like “slice with a cutting board” or “Garnishing and food presentation with a plate” both in an appropriate size, we ran numerous trial productions to ensure the cutting board functionally. Though only one size for the cutting board at the first we expected, it was necessary for various functions so we made it in two sizes.



「所謂 切 指砧板的機能」「所謂 美美的擺設 指托盤盆器的機能」以兼具這兩種機能的適當尺寸為目標,進行了多次樣本試做。本來只預定製作一種尺寸的……不過在試做過程中發現2種機能是需要的,於是做了2種種類的砧板/托盤。

Meticulously use materials from Hokkaido.

The cutting board is made of prized Mizunara Oak from Hokkaido by scraping from a round timber. The wood has dried slowly and is made delicately with craftsmanship in beautifiul forests and clear water in Hokkaido.

According to the process by scraping from a round timber, there is no glue inside the cutting board. Refuse to use anything containing chemicals, we have oil-finished the cutting board by applying natural coating with golden flaxseed oil to ensure safe usage.




Activities indoors and outdoors are available!

Please enjoy different ways of usage indoor-outdoor. For long-term usage, make sure to maintain it periodically.  Therefore, please avoid placing the furniture in close proximity to the heat.




For More Glamor Over Time as You Live with Your Furniture

We have oil-finished our furniture by applying natural coating with golden flaxseed oil to ensure the wood breathes and long-term usage. There’s no coating film in oil-finished, so it will not be peeled off and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Solid wood is a natural material that gains more defined characteristics over time. Please enjoy this piece of furniture in the years to come.




Tips for Safe Usage 

Each cutting board is made by one piece of solid wood and it reiterates shrinkage and swelling by humidity or desiccation. Avoid the gross damage, it should not be placed in the environment like direct sunlight or dish dryer machines, and please do not immerse in water overtime. Rub off dirt with scourer gently before washing it away and put it in an airy-shady place.



Cleaning and Care

When the cutting board is thoroughly dry, please apply edible cooking oil directly onto the surface of the cutting board. Olive oil and grape seed oil with lightly fragrance are also recommended.

Our cutting board is spotted in famous cheese store「LAMMS(ランマス)」. This cheese store is in both Setagaya-ku and Roppongi Hills.





DIMENSIONS(M): W19.8 cm×L32 cm ×H1.3 cm 

DIMENSIONS(L): W17 cm×L45.3 cm ×H1.3 cm 

SURFACE: Natural wood 

MATERIAL: Quercus crispula solid wood (Mizunara) from Hokkaido with natural oil-finished.

M尺寸: 寬19.8公分×長32公分×厚1.3公分

L尺寸: 寬17公分×長45.3公分×厚1.3公分

顏色 : 原木色

材質: 北海道産 水楢(Mizunara)實木 天然護木油 塗裝